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Support for Young People

At Action Against Stalking, we aim to support anyone who is impacted by stalking. We wish to educate and inform young people, those that work with them and those that raise them on the impacts of stalking, tips on how to cope and encourage them to speak out against stalking and get support.

Downloadable Materials 

Tips If You Are Being Stalked 

These tips are for young people who feel they may be being stalked and the actions they can take. 

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Tips To Support Those Being Stalked 

These tips are aimed at those working with, supporting or raising young people to assist them when a young person confides to them that they are being stalked. 

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What is Stalking?

Stalking is a criminal offence in Scotland and occurs when a course of conduct has caused someone fear and/or alarm on at least two separate occasions

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Support Organisations

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Stalking: In Your Words 

Responses From 16-25 Year Olds 

Timberly Williams

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