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Stalking is a crime that affects a wide range of people, regardless of age, beliefs, location, physical or cognitive ability, sex, sexual orientation or gender. Being stalked can have a devastating impact psychologically, emotionally, physically and financially. Lack of understanding of, and misconceptions about, stalking can minimise victim experience and amplify stalking behaviours, creating further trauma. 


Action Against Stalking is a non-gendered service for victims of stalking. We provide a unique throughcare service designed to address all aspects of the experience of being stalked.


We will support you throughout your journey to regain control of your life. At Action Against Stalking we are experts in stalking and stalkers and understand just how brutal the experience of being stalked can be. If you choose to report to the police will will act as advocates on your behalf and can help you navigate the criminal justice system. 


We also act as the voice of victims of stalking in the public domain, working to improve public understanding of stalking, improve policy support and improve provision of services.     

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About Action Against Stalking

Scotland's only charity dedicated exclusively to the victims of stalking

Action Against Stalking was founded by Ann Moulds in 2014, following a successful campaign to get stalking recognised legally. We now provide a unique throughcare service for victims of stalking. We also deliver advocacy, campaigning, expert advice, accredited training and a range of other activities to support victims and those working to challenge stalking behaviour.

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