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How to report

Helping you to ask for help

Telling someone about your experience of being stalked can be the first step to reclaiming control of your life. 

You can report to Action Against Stalking via our Contact Form. We can also provide help and advice on reporting to police.

Reporting to the police

You can report stalking to Police Scotland (or any other police service in the UK): 

  • By calling 101

  • Online

  • At your local police station

  • Or via 999 if it is an emergency

  • Through a third party reporting centre, including Victim Support Scotland.

To report an incident of stalking that has occurred within Scotland, you can access Police Scotland’s online Stalking Reporting Form here.

Stalking is a serious crime and, the sooner you report, the sooner the police can intervene. Their priority will also be to keep you safe.

But they’ll need as much information as you can give them to open a complaint and take forward an investigation. Sometimes, what appears to be ordinary, everyday actions actually demonstrate a course of conduct by the stalker. Therefore, it’s important to keep a log or diary of all incidents to show the police.

This will include, date, time, place and what the incident was. You may be asked at some point to provide the police with a victim impact statement, therefore keep a note of how the behaviours made you feel, what your concerns are and what you fear will happen.

They will also need evidence to support your complaint and, if your case goes to court, you must gather as much evidence as possible. This might include:

  • Emails, text and social media messages, phone numbers

  • Gifts or other items left by your stalker

  • If there’s been damage to your belongings or property, take as many photographs as you can

  • If you know who your stalker is, give the police as much information about them as you can

  • If you have already gone to the trouble to get a civil protection order, you must show this to the police

  • Keep a log of names, addresses and contact details of witnesses

  • Keep any letters or notes you receive, even if your natural reaction is to destroy them – the police may need these for fingerprint testing, so try not to handle them, if possible (it’s wise to wear disposable gloves, available in most supermarkets, and where possible place the items in a polythene bag).​

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