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11% of adults in Scotland have experienced stalking behaviours

Help and Support

We provide a unique throughcare support service for victims of stalking. We understand the damage and trauma you may have experienced at the hands of a stalker.

It's our aim to help and empower you to return to normal life by offering psychological support from fully qualified and accredited professionals.

Accredited Training

Action Against Stalking provides high quality training at a fair price to enable others to build capacity and raise standards in the support of victims of stalking. We can deliver training in-house for clients, or through open courses and via distance learning.


Our programmes are delivered by accredited training professionals and are fully participative to maximise learning .

What is Stalking?

Stalking is defined in different ways in different legal jurisdictions but is commonly recognised as a course of conduct that causes another person fear or alarm on 2+ occasions, where the stalker intended, or should have known, that their conduct would cause fear or alarm. 

Stalking is also recognised by behaviours that conform to the FOUR mnemonic: fixated obsessive, unwanted and repeated.

The Impact of Stalking

Stalking has a devastating impact on victims which can be the main goal of a stalker. Other offenders aren't interested in the feelings of the person being targeted and are only focused on their own motivations.

Popular culture can trivialise the seriousness of stalking and its physical, psychological and financial impact. This leaves victims isolated, struggling to have their experiences understood.

Support Our Work

You can help support the vital work Action Against Stalking delivers on behalf of victims of stalking by donating, fundraising or volunteering.

Find out more about the range of ways you can help victims of stalking by supporting us.



About Action Against Stalking

Action Against Stalking seeks to establish a world where everyone has a right

to natural, lawful freedoms without fear of psychological or predatory threat.


Our mission is to champion the rights of those affected by stalking
in the UK and across the globe. 

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