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Professional Development

We are experts in increasing knowledge of stalking and building capacity to challenge its behaviours

At Action Against Stalking, we are experts in providing Continued Professional Development to organisations to recognise stalking behaviours and to provide effective support for victims, helping prevent harm and ensuring a duty of care for all.  

We also offer consultation, guidance and training to organisations that wish to implement an anti-stalking policy within their organisation and train their staff on how to effectively deal with these incidents.

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Stalking is a serious crime that is complex to recognise and can have a devastating impact on victims. Many are forced to move home, change lifestyle and occupation; they become isolated from family and friends, traumatised, suffer financially, experience high levels of stress and anxiety, have disrupted sleep and can be driven to suicidal thoughts.


Some stalkers represent a direct physical threat to those they target but, for most, the use of threats, intrusion and invasive communication is the primary modus operandi. Invariably, each act, taken in isolation, appears legal, but is actually part of a course of conduct designed to gain attention, control and terrorise the victim.


New technologies provide stalkers with additional means of offending. Stalking is distinct from harassment in that it involves fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repeated behaviours.


Mental health issues are a major component in triggering stalking of all kinds. It is the fixated and obsessive behaviours that make stalkers both dangerous and problematic to deal with for institutions and employers. While stalking has been associated with domestic abuse, stalkers can also be acquaintances and strangers. Women are not the only victims, men are also at risk. 

AAS develops and delivers specialised Continued Professional Development  with various delivery options: in-house for clients; open courses; as well as distance learning (economic and time effective) and programmes for virtual delivery. We also build bespoke programmes on request.

Our programmes are participative and involves different media to emphasise the learning points. Our aim is to provide fairly priced, quality Continued Professional Development to enable others to build capacity and raise standards in the support of victims of stalking. We are members of the CPD Accreditation Service, an international service provider who accredits all professional development learning materials to the highest standards. Our accredited programmes carry their quality mark, providing certainty as to the quality and value of the learning.

Examples of our range of Continued Professional Development programmes  include:

  • Stalking Awareness - introduces Victim Impact Box (VIB)

  • ‘What is Stalking?’ and Recognising Stalking Behaviours - includes initial victim support and VIB

  • Stalker and Victim - Managing the dynamic interplay

  • Cyberstalking

  • Victim Impact Box - how to use it for best effect

  • Stalking typologies

  • Ex-partner stalking

  • Stalking in the workplace

  • Developing policies and procedures for handling workplace stalking - facilitated outcomes and bespoke to each client

  • Dealing with the stalker from an organisational perspective

  • Awareness-raising in educational institutions.

Who is our Continued Professional Development for?

  • Professionals in education, justice, police and legal work, human resources and occupational health

  • Security, organisational security

  • Those likely to come across stalking victims including psychologists, psychotherapists, welfare officers and counsellors, coaches.

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