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Get organised and fundraise to support citims of stalking

Organise something. It could be a party, a raffle, a collection, bag packing, cake baking, a quiz night, or your own great idea.

All that’s important is to pick something you’re excited about, then follow some easy tips.

Whatever you choose, your donation will help us be there for people who need vital care and support.

Fundraising for Action Against Stalking is a great way to make a real and important contribution to our work. 

At the heart of fundraising is organising an activity that friends, relatives and acquaintances (and sometimes even strangers) will support through sponsorship, a donation or through purchasing an attractive product or service.

A fundraising activity can focus on setting yourself a physical challenge that will capture the imagination of others (for example a walk, a hike, a cycle, a run or race, a parachute drop). Or it can involve organising an event where people buy things with some or all of the proceeds going to Action Against Stalking (e.g. a bake sale, a jumble sale, a coffee morning, a fete, a bag packing day at your local supermarket). 

You could adopt Action Against Stalking as your company, club or organisation's charity of the year, with a number of activities and events planned over 12 months. Or you could hold a raffle, with colleagues and suppliers donated prizes, or organise a quiz night with an entrance fee. 


Auctions, concerts and sweepstakes organised around major sporting events are all excellent ways of encouraging participation.  

The most important thing to remember is, first and foremost, always have fun. The second thing to remember is that all the money you raise will go directly towards our work supporting victims of stalking. 

To let us know you're fundraising on our behalf please get in contact by emailing

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