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Help us raise funds to support stalking victims.

You can help us support victims, advocate for victims, give victims a voice.

Fundraise for Action Against Stalking

Our suggestion is to keep it simple. Choose what you’d like to do - our top tip during lockdown is to organise an online quiz, bingo or board games event with your friends, family or work colleagues. Keep it short and funny; everyone loves a pub quiz and there are lots of examples available online with different themes.

Or you can ask people to sponsor you to take part in a challenge; can you walk or run from Land’s End to John O’Groats (or name your own landmark) in the safety of your own home or as part of your daily exercise etc. Can you and friends and family take it in turns to walk/ run or cycle from A to B and back again, everyone can get involved.

Lockdown Easing

Once we’re able to go out & about again, then a bake sale at work or an afternoon tea at home are always popular, people have missed those social occasions and are quite likely to want to get involved.

Social media

Use social media to advertise your event, use a platform such as Facebook and set up a Group to invite your contacts to take part. Invite your favourite family member or friend to help you organise the event and set a fundraising target to encourage everyone to support you, every £ you donate will be spent on providing services to stalking victims and helping e stalking victims.

Online giving

You can set up an online fundraising page, online giving is easy to set up and through Total Giving, for example, donors can tick a box to automatically add Gift Aid which is an additional 25% per donation at no extra to the donor. By doing this, at the end of the fundraiser, the donations will reach AAS automatically.

Ask for help – we are here to support you and make sure your event is as successful as possible. Please get in touch with us: enquiries

The first 3 letters of fundraising are FUN, so have fun and help Action Against Stalking at the same time.

For more lockdown fundraising ideas visit:

For information about Action Against Stalking, please visit:

Please share our posts to help others find the help they need. Thank you.

You can find Helpline Numbers on our website and news about our professional training too.

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