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Celebrating 10 Years of Action Against Stalking!

Action Against Stalking (AAS) was established in 2014, by founder Ann Moulds after her own stalking ordeal. In the face of adversity, Ann found strength, and through her fight for justice she campaigned for stalking to be a standalone offence in Scotland under Section 39 of the Criminal Justice and Licencing Act (Scotland) 2010. Ann understood the need for victims to receive bespoke support to deal with the impacts of stalking, and thus, Action Against Stalking was created.



From one woman’s mission 10 years ago, to now, a Throughcare Support Service that has supported over 1.5K clients with emotional and practical support from experienced professionals. What was once an organisation run by one individual is now a service with 10 members of staff and a dedicated Board of Trustees.

Throughout the 10 years the charity has succeeded in influencing legislation across the UK and Europe including the introduction of stalking into the Council of Europe's European Convention to Combat Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence and the introduction of two new offences of stalking into the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 in England and Wales. 


The charity has established partnerships with key stakeholders via the creation of the Scottish National Stalking Group (SNSG). The formation of the SNSG forum is a proactive and innovative approach towards helping address some of these complicated issues. For victims of stalking, it is recognition that their voices have been heard by the relevant national organisations, and their need for safety and support will be the driving force behind the good work this group intends to achieve.​ You can read more about the work of SNSG members here.


Throughout the years, the charity has grown and adapted it’s contact methods to ensure that the Throughcare Support Service is accessible. This includes the creation of the helpline, the support email address, the self-referral webform, the professional referral webform and social media direct messaging. 


The charity understands the vital need of raising awareness of the crime of stalking, and because of this they have developed various platforms to share content to wide and varied audiences, this includes accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and TikTok to ensure that messages are being received by varied demographics. The charity has established a quarterly newsletter that you can subscribe to here. Action Against Stalking also created the award-winning ‘Surviving Stalking’ podcast to give stalking victims a safe space to share their stories, as well interviewing professionals and academics working in this field. 


To celebrate this milestone, the Action Against Stalking team have taken on the challenge to #StompOutStalking by climbing as many Munros/hills across the month of June. You can get involved by fundraising with us, cheering us on by sharing the challenge and donating to us. All funds go towards supporting victims through our unique Throughcare Support Service. You can get involved here.


Much like the previous 10 years, Action Against Stalking’s goals are ambitious and innovative. Action Against Stalking will continue to advocate for stalking victims so that their voices are heard, prioritise a trauma-informed approach with victims at the centre, and ensure that victims receive the response and support they deserve! Here is to the next 10 years and beyond!


You can hear more about the charity’s achievements and aspirations from an interview with Ann Moulds (Founder and Trustee) and Hayley Tennant (Chief Executive) on a special episode of ‘Surviving Stalking’. You can watch on YouTube or listen on Spotify.

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