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1 in 6 men and women experienced stalking within the last 12 months according to UK Criminal Justice Survey reports. Children are equally subjects of stalking.

Our Charity.

Campaign Action Scotland Against Stalking was launched by Ann Moulds in 2009, having discovered that there was no legitimate support system in Scotland for victims of stalking. Having been through a terrorising stalking experience herself, Ann took matters into her own hands and successfully campaigned for the creation and inclusion of Section 39 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scot) Act 2010, which enables crimes of stalking to be prosecuted based on the stalker’s behaviour and the effects on the victim. This campaign has set the blueprint for legislations in England & Wales as well as in Europe.

Established as an umbrella charity in 2014 to champion the rights of victims affected by stalking and bringing to light the insidious criminal nature and impact of this crime, we have been the key driver for legislative change across the UK and the rest of Europe. Through our determination and hard work, stalking is now recognised as a high profile, high impact and highly prevalent crime.


Through excellent leadership and direction we will continue our good work to ensure we meet our key aims and objectives:

  • Act as intermediary between the victim and justice system, offering victims information, advice, guidance and signposting them to relevant support agencies

  • Deliver training, workshops, projects, awareness raising campaigns on the causes and impact of stalking

  • Develop early intervention strategies by addressing government and publicly funded bodies, the voluntary sector, private organisations, the general public, education and other relevant bodies, helping to contribute to subsequent reviews and feeding into policy consultations

  • Encourage governmental bodies to fulfil their obligations, legal or otherwise, to ensure the effective implementation of the stalking legislations in Scotland, England and Wales

  • Encourage statutory authorities and relevant agencies to improve response for victims of stalking

  • Connect victims, potential victims, professionals, education sectors, policy and decision-makers

  • To work with relevant national and international organisations and professionals to create a cohesive and effective proposition to combat the crime of stalking

AAS continues to make strides internationally and we are in in touch with legislators, professionals, educators and key experts across the world, sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and working towards a cohesive global response to stalking.

Apart from the UK, we are working with our counterparts in Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, America, Australia and Japan. We work closely with Victim Support Europe, The Council of Europe, European Parliament and the European Commission.

Ann Moulds: Founder and CEO

Ann's professional background is in Psychology and Clinical Behavioural Psychotherapy, training and development. It was after Ann's experience of being the victim of a long and horrendous stalking campaign that she launched her award-winning Campaign Action Scotland Against Stalking in 2009 with the overall aim of having stalking recognised as a specific criminal offence within Scottish law and to give the victim identity and a voice within the Criminal Justice Process.


Campaign Action Scotland Against Stalking quickly became a national and international campaign, and over the past five years, Ann and her team have contributed to some major breakthroughs:

  • The introduction of the 'Offence of Stalking' Sec 39 Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010

  • The introduction of stalking into the Council of Europe's European Convention to Combat Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence

  • The introduction of two new offences of stalking into the Protection of Freedoms Act, 2012 in England & Wales.    


AAS New Logo_1 two_lines_RGB_med.jpg
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