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Raising the bar - Knowledge and training to respond to stalking

Stalking can happen anywhere. If you work in Law Enforcement, Social Care, Health, Education, Occupational Health or indeed work in any charity, non-profit and third sector organisations, you will need to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge, protocol, policies and response to be able to deal with the crime of stalking.

Our bespoke training packages are tailored for all services and organisations that come into contact with stalkers and their victims. Depending on your organisational needs, our training and workshop packages will provide you with a better understanding and management of this unique type of criminality.

You will also be able to purchase our Victim Impact Box which you could distribute to victims as a tool of information, a resource which will begin their journey of taking back control of their fearful situation. To ensure effective use of the VIB, AAS provides training and certification to those who have completed this.

Please email us on to get more information on our training and Victim Impact Box.

Action Against Stalking is CPD certified